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Chr. Hansen launches Citrate Negative wine culture

Press releases   •   May 04, 2010 10:30 UTC

Wine makers can now enjoy the benefits of malolactic fermentation without the typical buttery/creamy flavor traditionally linked to this production step

Chr. Hansen inaugurates new innovation facilities in Singapore

Press releases   •   Apr 15, 2010 08:29 UTC

On April 15, 2010 Chr. Hansen will open a new 'Industry Technology Center' (ITC) for its customers and distributors in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The ITC will serve as an advanced bioscience hub for new product development for the regional dairy and food & beverage industries.

Changes to the Board of Directors of Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

Press releases   •   Mar 17, 2010 14:00 UTC

On March 16, Henrik Poulsen and Alice Dautry were appointed new members of the Board of Chr. Hansen Holding A/S. At the same time Lennart Holm, PAI partners, stepped down.

Chr. Hansen launches new kosher for Passover cheese cultures

Press releases   •   Mar 03, 2010 16:00 UTC

Adding two new cultures to its special portfolio of 'Kosher for Passover' (KFP) cheese cultures, Chr. Hansen now offers a total of 14 culture blends for the production of "extra kosher" dairy products. The KFP CHEESE portfolio offers producers of cottage cheese, cheddar, and white brined cheese the opportunity to make cheese which complies with all levels of kosher requirements.

First wines demonstrate effects of PRELUDE®, Chr. Hansen’s new yeast product

Press releases   •   Feb 23, 2010 11:50 UTC

Promising results are starting to kick in after Chr. Hansen’s launch of the innovative wine yeast PRELUDE® in August. The launch now continues in the Southern hemisphere.

Global interest in probiotic solutions for women’s health

Press releases   •   Feb 08, 2010 12:10 UTC

Women in 20 countries will have access to a probiotic capsule that can help reduce the risk of vaginal and urogenital infections

Chr. Hansen brings new natural colors to ProSweets 2010

Press releases   •   Jan 25, 2010 16:30 UTC

In particular, four new CapColors® will be highlighted when Chr. Hansen will be showcasing its complete portfolio of natural colors and coloring foodstuffs to the ProSweets 2010. The trade show for the confectionery industry will be held in Cologne, Germany, on Jan. 31 through Feb. 3, 2010.

Chr. Hansen continues its growth in the first quarter of 2009/2010

Press releases   •   Jan 20, 2010 08:45 UTC

In spite of the general economic recession Chr. Hansen continues to experience solid growth. Sales in local currencies increased by 12% to EUR 128 million, corresponding to a growth of 6% in EUR. Better product mix and improved margins resulted in a 19% growth in EBITDA, while EBIT increased by 30% despite negative currency development.

New Halal meat cultures expand Chr. Hansen’s palette of solutions

New Halal meat cultures expand Chr. Hansen’s palette of solutions

Press releases   •   Jan 06, 2010 11:00 UTC

Certified by the Islamic Food Council of Europe the cultures offer meat producers better taste, appearance and food safety

Chr. Hansen adds a new member to its world-class probiotics family

Press releases   •   Nov 23, 2009 07:45 UTC

Chr. Hansen signs an exclusive agreement with biotech company Probiomics Ltd., securing the rights to market the patented probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum PCC® which has documented benefits to immune health.

Chr. Hansen wins two prestigious awards at FI Europe

Press releases   •   Nov 18, 2009 12:00 UTC

Chr. Hansen products sweep the Food Ingredients Excellence Award board at the Food Ingredients Europe 2009 trade show.

Chr. Hansen brings four new premium natural colors to FI Europe

Chr. Hansen brings four new premium natural colors to FI Europe

Press releases   •   Nov 13, 2009 08:30 UTC

A brand new white shade as well as improved versions of the yellow, green and black shades make up the 2nd generation of Chr. Hansen’s CapColors® range of natural colors which is launched at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 17-19, 2009.

Introducing CHY-MAX® M in Europe – the best coagulant for cheese

Introducing CHY-MAX® M in Europe – the best coagulant for cheese

Press releases   •   Nov 11, 2009 21:20 UTC

At FI Europe 2009 Chr. Hansen will be launching CHY-MAX® M, a new, highly innovative and patented fermentation-produced chymosin for cost-efficient cheese production.

New meat culture from Chr. Hansen improves color, appearance and shelf-life

New meat culture from Chr. Hansen improves color, appearance and shelf-life

Press releases   •   Nov 10, 2009 11:30 UTC

Say goodbye to pale, greyish meat products with Chr. Hansen’s newest invention - nominated for an Innovation Award at a major European tradeshow

New animal health and nutrition website

New animal health and nutrition website

Press releases   •   Nov 05, 2009 09:00 UTC

Customers and other stakeholders with an interest in probiotic feed additives will find a website describing our beneficial products and the wide range of applications for the agricultural industry.

Continued growth for Chr. Hansen

Press releases   •   Nov 04, 2009 14:00 UTC

In spite of the financial crisis and the general economic recession the bioscience company Chr. Hansen continues its growth. Last year the revenue increased by 10% in local currencies and the earnings reached 30.3%.

Chr. Hansen launches new Italian meat culture range

Press releases   •   Oct 20, 2009 17:00 UTC

Exquisite taste, enhanced food safety and better cost-efficiency are some of the advantages of Chr. Hansen’s new range of meat cultures. The innovation includes a new fermentation scheme for Italian-type salamis with numerous benefits.

Highlighting the science behind our probiotics

Highlighting the science behind our probiotics

Press releases   •   Oct 15, 2009 08:30 UTC

Chr. Hansen re-launches its probiotic offerings for the dietary supplement, infant formula and pharmaceutical industries under a new tagline: “Probio-Tec®... when science matters”.

Chr. Hansen launches new range of yoghurt cultures

Press releases   •   Oct 01, 2009 14:00 UTC

As a forerunner in the global dairy industry Chr. Hansen unveils ‘A culture for every culture’ - premium culture solutions for all needs

Chr. Hansen launches groundbreaking natural white food color

Chr. Hansen launches groundbreaking natural white food color

Press releases   •   Sep 17, 2009 08:30 UTC

The calcium-based ‘CapColors® White 100 WSS-P’ gives producers of chewing gum and chocolate dragées a much-awaited opportunity to dye their products with a natural colorant.